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Some People Can Recall Every Single Day of their Life

There is a phenomenon in some people called “Superior Autobiographical Memory.” This is the ability of a person to remember every single day of their life. They can remember moments so vividly that they can feel the same exact emotions … Continue reading

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Large Hadron Collider Might be Used as a Time Machine

Our theory is a long shot, but it doesn’t violate anylaws of physics or experimental constraints,” physicist Tom Weiler of Vanderbilt University said in a statement. However, if the theory proves correct, the researchers say the method could be used … Continue reading

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The Deadliest Plant in the World

The caster bean plant is a fast –growing suckering perennial shrub which often reaches the size of small trees (39 feet). The glossy leaves vary from a reddish tinge, to dark green and a reddish purple and sit amongst the … Continue reading

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Pictures from the International Space Station

On September 22, 2010, with the departure of the Expedition 23 crew, Colonel Douglas H. Wheelock assumed command of the International Space Station and the Expedition 25 crew. He is also known as @Astro_Wheels on twitter, where he has been … Continue reading

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A Solar Eruption

One of the most spectacular solar sights is an erupting prominence. Two weeks ago, NASA’s Sun-orbiting Solar Dynamic Observatory spacecraft imaged an impressively large prominence erupting from the surface. The dramatic explosion was captured in ultraviolet light in the above … Continue reading

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Elephants have funerals for the dead

Elephant researcher Martin Meredith recalls an occurrence in his book about a typical elephant death ritual that was witnessed by Anthony Martin-Hall, a South African biologist who had studied elephants in Addo, South Africa, for over eight years. The entire … Continue reading

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