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USB Device not being detected? Try these tips first

Before you pull your hair out trying to figure out why your USB device is not being detected by Windows, try these simple tips that might help with your problem: Turn the USB device off and back on Unplug the … Continue reading

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Using Windows 7 Snap Feature with Multiple Monitors

One of Windows 7 most useful feature is it’s ability to automatically re-size a window by dragging it to the edge of the screen. For those with multiple monitors you may have notice that this feature does not work in … Continue reading

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Mount Your Account to Windows Explorer Or Mac OSX recently offered a generous 50GB of free storage if you download their mobile app. With that kind of storage you can store a lot of pictures, movies and documents. There is one big problem with, and that problem … Continue reading

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Virtualbox: Forwarding ports to your Virtual Machine

VirtualBox is a great program to use to test out different operating systems. However there may come a time where you may want to use the guest OS as a server. In that case, there are two ways to setup … Continue reading

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Creating Custom Functions in Excel 2010

Excel provides many built-in functions that help you accomplish a lot of work. There are times that the built-in excel functions are not enough. If you ever hit that roadblock then you must actually create your own function. In order … Continue reading

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iPad 2 Scalpers Reselling them for $2,000

A cutthroat Asian group has set its crosshairs on the flagship Apple store on Fifth Avenue at 59th — scoring nearly every iPad 2 it can get its hands since the hot gizmo went on sale last week, to re-peddle … Continue reading

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Some People Can Recall Every Single Day of their Life

There is a phenomenon in some people called “Superior Autobiographical Memory.” This is the ability of a person to remember every single day of their life. They can remember moments so vividly that they can feel the same exact emotions … Continue reading

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