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iPad 2 Scalpers Reselling them for $2,000

A cutthroat Asian group has set its crosshairs on the flagship Apple store on Fifth Avenue at 59th — scoring nearly every iPad 2 it can get its hands since the hot gizmo went on sale last week, to re-peddle … Continue reading

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Some People Can Recall Every Single Day of their Life

There is a phenomenon in some people called “Superior Autobiographical Memory.” This is the ability of a person to remember every single day of their life. They can remember moments so vividly that they can feel the same exact emotions … Continue reading

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Use the Power of 30 Antivirus Engines to Scan Your PC

No antivirus engine is perfect, even the market leaders will miss the occasional threat, and so installing just one security package could leave you exposed to risks. WinMHR, though, will scan your system and use the collective intelligence of more than … Continue reading

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Most Expensive Dog Sells for Over One Million Dollars

Tibetan Mastiffs are huge and fierce guard dogs that have stood watch over nomad camps and monasteries on the Tibetan plateau for centuries. More recently, however, they have become highly-prized status symbols for China’s new rich. The dogs are thought … Continue reading

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Large Hadron Collider Might be Used as a Time Machine

Our theory is a long shot, but it doesn’t violate anylaws of physics or experimental constraints,” physicist Tom Weiler of Vanderbilt University said in a statement. However, if the theory proves correct, the researchers say the method could be used … Continue reading

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Who Has the Fastest 4G Network

PC World has done some extensive nationwide tests to see, just how fast are the 4G networks of each of the four major wireless carriers . By now you’ve seen all the ads pitching wireless companies’ new 4G mobile broadband services … Continue reading

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Advances in Memory Technology Could Lead to Mobile Phones Lasting for Weeks on a Single Charge

University of Illinois engineers have developed a form of ultra-low-power non-volatile memory could someday provide consumers with hand-held devices that go without recharging for weeks or even months. The research is based on an existing technology known as phase-change random … Continue reading

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